Kasia Wolinska Artistic Profile Research
“PostCommunistFutures- Guided Meditation”

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Solo with cups/ ABT 1983/ Don Kichote

Fav song

Kasia Wolińska is a dancer, choreographer and writer based in Berlin. She is interested in and practices dance as an artistic, social and political activity while exploring its complex histories and future potentialities. In 2018, together with Frida Sandström, she founded The Future Body At Work - a theory-practice duet. Since 2019 she serves as a board member of ZTB e.V. - an organisation working for the sake of improvement of life and work in the free scene of dance in Berlin.

Moving Margins

                        Amelia Uzategui

- STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government
Commissioner for Culture and Media with
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framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR.
Assistance Program for Dance.

Touching Margins

Dear familiar and existing dance archive,
You are not enough, you are based on technique, masculine dominance, and narrow narratives.  We decided to break you through, to ask what did you forget about? what else is there? beyond and besides the famous and well-studied names.
We hope for your understanding and wish you to expand and multiply. As we undo your control and allow forgotten & unmentioned hi-stories to return and unveil otherwise, please join us in this unstable and exciting ride.


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